Affiliate marketing

If you have a website or accounts in social networks and forums, you will be able to benefit from this by joining the Ushop commission marketing program and easily achieve additional income. Where Ushop will pay you a 5% commission for every purchase made through your coupon.

Why sign up for the Ushop Affiliate Program?

  • Ushop is the online shopping site in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that specializes in skin, hair and body care products and an impressive assortment of cosmetics and includes many French perfume brands.
  • Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy based on revenue sharing between the advertiser and the merchant.
  • Ushop contains thousands of distinctive products at competitive prices. You can market these products.
  • Each marketer is provided with a 10% discount code for his customers, which includes all products offered on the site.
  • The marketer will also be provided with a control panel through which he can view his sales and financial return.
  • The financial return is 5% for each sale made through the marketer’s code.

How much can I earn?

There is no upper limit at all. If you have a popular website, for example, Or you work as a professional online marketer and you can invite dozens, hundreds or even more. Ushop will pay you all your earnings due at the end of each month.

Terms of the Fiverr program for affiliate marketing

§ It is prohibited to use spam methods to invite users, which may constitute direct or indirect abuse of Ushop.

§ Your use of the Ushop Affiliate Program means your acceptance of the Ushop Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

§ Ushop has the right to suspend the account with any profits made in the event that it is proven that there are fraudulent methods or marketing of the site in misleading forms, or in violation of the previous conditions.

How do I subscribe?

After you log in to Ushop, Click on the button below to fill out the form and send it to us.

Your request will be reviewed and responded to within 24 hours.