Our Mission:

To make shopping more fun, professional and speedy in providing our services to our customers, While establishing trust between our brand and our customers.

Through an approach we adopted at Ushop:

  • Providing products and everything new with the highest quality standards in order to fulfill different desires and tastes
  • Ushop programming by the best professional programmers for an easy and smooth shopping experience
  • Put all our capabilities and expertise in a secure shopping in the hands of our customers
  • Ensure the provision of products from its sources outside the Kingdom or from their approved agents inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • At Ushop we guarantee 100% authentic products
  • In order for us to be distinguished with a delivery service, we in Ushop deliver in Riyadh less than 24 hours. And outside the city of Riyadh within 3 working days with international shipping companies.

Our philosophy:

For us success is more than just statistics. It is born from our enthusiasm and our passion for excellence, We are working through our platform to identify and implement best practices at the level of e-commerce, And on creating market standards that match international standards.
We also believe in long term business relationships, Which are based on common goals, Ethical business practices, And the common thought seeking to provide all that is distinct.

Our values:

Integrity: We are honest with ourselves and in our dealings with others.
Quality: We aim to provide the best and achieve the best, We offer an experience that deserves to be said excellent.
Reliability: We keep our promises, And you will always find us by your side.
Diversity: we embrace the concept of change, We respect differences of opinion.